20 May 2011

'Monsters with an attitude'

'Monsters with an attitude' is a shop for babies with good luck in Gent – Belgium.
They have all different kinds of practical baby stuff for parents, but in very bright and happy colors. Nothing is boring there, but very flashy and original. They also have furniture’s and buggies and you are sure to find a perfect present (which will be raped in a ‘monster’ kind of paper) for a little sweet ‘monster’.
Monsters with an attitude

From within next week Dig&Mig will also be available in this shop. (The first shop in Belgium to sell Dig&Mig.) I am quite excited about it and hope that it will be a good start for more customers in Belgium.
Today I sent the first order they have placed and hope that soon more will follow.

The Webshop from ‘Monsters with an attitude’ is for sure worth visiting. Very original and with a lot of funny figures, pictures and fraises (in Dutch though).


  1. Du har en veldig fin blogg. Jeg er glad jeg kom over denne. Mye inspirerende: ) Flott bilde du har brukt som hedding med tittekasse. En meget god ide

  2. Velkommen til Gitte, og tak for dine søde ord.

  3. Oh! Monsters with an attitude! I love this shop. I'll definitely go and have a look at your things. They look very nice.


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