18 May 2011

The local market

Last Sunday I was on the local market with Dig&Mig. It was a beautiful day and I made a lot of photos of my products and my space on the market. But something went wrong with my camera and almost all the pictures of my own stuff I cannot open, but the rest of the photo’s from the market are fine??? So I will here give you a little impression of the market and my favorite things that I saw there.
The first pictures I hope you recognize. Dig&Mig of course!

And here are the other creative people's stuff:

These two women were not real nuns. Why they were dressed like that? I still quite don't know, but they got a lot of attention and had some great cushions from old blankets.

There were also a lot of things for the kids. My girls were runnig around the market all day and didn't want to go home at the end of the day. They love to come with me to a market when there is a lot to do for the children as well.

And here are my two girls! Happy and beautiful painted.

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  1. Wow, så mycket fint! Måste varit en rolig marknad. :-)


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