29 May 2011

Flower party

Finally the day came that Emmelie could celebrate her very first birthday party for her girlfriends.
It was a very long time waiting before it was her turn, but yesterday she conquered the day and she loved it.
We had made a flower theme and they were going to be 7 girls at the party including her big sister. Her big sister had made the filling for the paper bags that they could take with them home, and I of course had made a ‘kagemand’ (cake doll) (It’s something very Danish I think. You have to have that for a birthday) together with ‘boller’ (roll’s).
They had been dancing and jumping and decorating candles to take with them home. Playing small party games, coloring and they were also outside in the garden just playing around. A very good and succeeded afternoon. They were all very sweet a calm and luckily not to noisy and busy.


  1. I really enjoy your blog - It has so many great and inspirering picture. Congratulations with your girl, it looks as if it has been a great party:-)


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