10 May 2011

DIY: mirror, mirror on the wall!

It’s no secret to anyone here I guess, that I LOVE old toys and pictures from the sixties and seventies. And when I was expecting my first child, I got a lot of old toys from my mother, which she has been keeping from when I was a little girl. I got so happy to see a lot of things again and I am so thankful to her that she did that.
For example there were two sets of wooden brick puzzle’s which were not looking very hygienic. I couldn’t image giving it to my own baby to play with, but I couldn’t get rid of it either. Then I got the idea of using them for a mirror.
This one!
It turned out so lovely that I tried to reproduced it with the same pictures and different sizes.Lately I got inspired again and wanted to see how it would look with different kinds of fabric on it. Make it a more grown up mirror and not only for the children’s room.
I took a lot of pictures of the process. So if you get inspired of my mirror as well, here is a helping hand how to do it.
 What you need is:

16 wooden bricks (these ones are 3,8x3,8 cm)
1 mirror (15x15cm)
Glue (for textile and wood)
Cardboard (for the back of the mirror)
And of cause different kinds of fabric or wallpaper
You need for this mirror 48 pieces (4,5x4,5 cm)

First you start with cutting 48 pieces of different kinds of fabrics or wallpaper. Cut them a little bit bigger than the size of the bricks.

Then you start gluing one piece of fabric/paper on each brick. (Only one to begin with, I explain later why) With a finger or a brush you spread the glue equally, so you have no bobbles under the fabric.

Then you cut the fabric close to the edge of the brick.

And when you have done that, you lay all the bricks next to each other (with the fabric facing the ceiling) in a square with a hole in it.

You can now puzzle the bricks around for the best combination of colors and patterns, and then you start gluing fabric on the different sides of the bricks. One by one. (Here it is very important that you now chose the right combination of fabric and colors, because you by now have decided how the front combination of fabrics is and you want it all to match all around without having the same fabrics next to each other.)
When that is done and the edges cut, you glue them all together and let them dry.

Now you need a cardboard as thick as the mirror.
You draw a line around the mirror on the cardboard,

Cut out the square in the middle
And place the mirror inside the hole to see if it fits.

Then you put glue onto the back of the bricks and glue it onto the cardboard and the mirror. Cut the remaining cardboard of, so it looks like the one here down under.

Then you need another piece of cardboard, (it doesn't need to be as thick as the other one) You place the mirror on top of it and draw a line where to cut it.

Cut the cardboard into size and glue it onto the back of the mirror. Let it dry.

Now you can choose to leave it like that and place the mirror on a shelf, or you can place a hook on the back of the mirror, so you can hang it on a wall somewhere.

This hook is very simple and easy to place.

Measure the middle of the mirror and glue it just under the edge of the mirror. Like that you can't see the hook when it is hanging on the wall.




  1. Oh wat geweldig leuk is dat. Ik ga ook maar zo iets proberen als is er de tijd voor kan vinden... ✗✗✗ Essie

  2. Så flott ide! Digger gjenbrukt altså...

    Vi skal lage en liten hytte til ungene på hytta i sommer. Det er ikke alltid ting blir gjort, så jag sa til mannen min at vi kunne kjøpe en og sette sammen. Han hadde lyst til å lage en selv sa han. Det ligger så mange materialer der ute. Jeg skal vise han den fine hytten mannen din snekret hjemme hos dere! Den blir vår inspirasjon...fantastisk flott var den! Klæm

  3. Til ReVinyl: Held og lykke med jeres 'hytten' Glæder mig til at se hvad han får lavet.

  4. Lovely! What a great idea! :-)

  5. Hej igen,

    Ang. lampan så blandar jag trälimmet med lite, lite vatten och sen doppar dukarna i det. Eftersom badbollen är i plast så fastnar inte limmet på den, utan den går lätt att få bort från dukarna när dom stelnat.

  6. Super, wat een leuk idee. Ik heb alleen net vorige week de blokken van de kinderen naar de kringloopwinkel gebracht.. Balen.. Maar wel gelijk een goed excuus om weer eens naar de kringloopwinkel te gaan.
    Dank voor deze leuke DIY en ik kom zeker vaker langs!

  7. Hoi Marjolein, Nooit te snel iets weggooien. Zeker niet als het van hout is. Veel plezier bij de kringloopwinkel!

  8. A lovely idea - I'll be on the look out for blocks now on my regular charity shop trawls. Thank you for the excellent instructions.

  9. Weer zo'n leuk idee om te onthouden!!!!


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