26 May 2011

39 paperbags!!!!

Tomorrow Emmelie, my youngest, is going to be 5 years old. Big day for her!!
At school they always celebrate it in a great way with a lot of small traditions and songs, and then the birthday kid brings something to eat to all the other children in the class.
But tomorrow, on Emmelie’s birthday, they have a sports day at school, which means that she cannot celebrate the way they use to do. So we decided together with her teacher to celebrate her today instead.
It’s so funny to see how exciting it is for the children. Emmelie slept very bad last night and it was hurting in her ear, her stomached and her throat and she couldn’t find rest. This morning nothing was wrong and she was luckily just very excited and happy at the same time.
The last couple of day’s her upcoming birthday has made me busy with a lot of preparations.
For today I prepared 39 paper bags with something nice in it for all the children in her class. 39 children!!! That’s a lot. Well..  It’s actually two classes together, but still a big group. I putted something sweet in it, something a little bit healthy in it and something to play with.

Emmelie got her beautiful birthday hat on at school and the day couldn’t be better for her. Here with a very happy smile!

Tomorrow we are going to help at the sports day and Saturday she is going to have her first birthday party for her little girlfriends.  So I am not there yet with all my preparations.  
I am now of to the supermarket. Have a nice day!


  1. gefeliciteerd alvast! En wat een leuke originele traktatie, die ga ik onthouden.

  2. Gefeliciteerd met je dochter, wat een mooie tasjes kon ze uitdelen. ✗✗✗ Essie

  3. Vilka fina påsar!! Jag planerar 3-årskalas här hemma och idaghar jag också gjort massa papperspåsar till godiset. Men inte så många som 39 stycken... :-)


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