08 April 2011

Who's the lucky winner??

Today is the day that I have promised to give 6 pieces away of my Dig&Mig fabrics.
46 people are participating with 101 tickets. Not bad for a first time here on my quite new blog.
I am very happy with all your reactions and thank you for all the kind words you have been giving about the fabrics.

But you are properly all pretty excited to hear who the lucky ones are? So here they come……………….

Fabric nr. 1 goes to… Julia Hausfrau with the blog The vintage hausfrau

Fabric nr. 2 go to… Karoline with the blog Karoline-med -K

Fabric nr. 3 go to…  IJ - with the blog Vestablikk

Fabric nr. 4 go to… Night Essie with the blog Ester's creative life

Fabric nr. 5 go to… Stine with the blog Livet blandt stiletter og mursten

Fabric nr. 6 go to… Johanne Busk Stormoen

Congratulation to you 6 women. I hope you will be happy with the strokes and when you have made something of it I would love to see the result.
If you all could send me an e-mail with you addresses I will send the fabrics as soon as possible.

And for all the people who didn’t win this time. Thank you so much for participating and you will get another change another time, I promise you!

I wish you all a nice day and weekend to come.


  1. Fantastisk - så gøy! Tusen takk!! Gler meg til å sjå stoffet i levande live - og drøyme om kva eg skal lage!


  2. AHAHAHAhahaha, jeg er så glad, jeg har vundet, tralalalala :-)

  3. Juhuuu... Glæder mig til at få det mellem hænderne. Tak og god weekend. Kh Johanne

  4. Oh I won! Thanks so much! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Groetjes Esther

  5. Ej, hvor er jeg heldig! Det peppede lige mit humør gevaldigt, som ellers var en smule nede. Tak! Mailer lige min adresse snarest. God weekend :)

  6. Det var så fint da det kom frem. Skal have fundet det helt rigtige at bruge det til. God påske.


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