29 April 2011

Studio peek

The other day I was cleaning up my ‘little studio’ and took some pictures to prove that it can look neat and tidy.  Also I want to show how you can combine a work room and a guest room together.
I have, like so many other people, the problem that we don’t have enough rooms in the house.  And when we have visitors from far away hoe wants’ to stay for a couple of nights the problem is there.
But I am lucky that I have one of the biggest rooms on the first floor and I came up with the idea to combine a big cutting table together with a bed. By placing a big heavy board on top of the bed (on the frame) I have a big space to work on.  When visitors come we place the board behind the bed and can pull the bottom drawers out and make a double bed out of it instead.
Another good thing is that, when I use it as a table, I can store boxes and other things under the board and so I get more storage.


  1. Gezellig en inspirerende studio:-) Al die kussens zijn prachtig!! Groetjes uit Noorwegen:-)

  2. It looks absolutely fabulous! Have a nice weekend, Esther

  3. Hei Marianne
    Jeg elsker å se andres arbeidsværelser og dette var et fristende og innbydende rom. Sikkert ikke vanskelig å finne inspirasjon her!
    En glad helg ønskes deg!
    Stor hilsen fra Kaspara


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