10 April 2011

Relaxed sunny Sunday

It was such a beautiful sunny day today. We were outside all day all doing the things we wanted to do. 

 My youngest daughter was painting pots for flower seeds….


 My husband was working on a new hangout for the girls…

 And I was planting flowers in pots and buckets…


 And the oldest daughter I didn’t see all day. She was playing with friends in the neighborhood.


Yesterday was by the way also a perfect day. We were with the whole family in…… Do some of you recognize this place???

The Efteling!
A big park with lots of things to see and try. The weather was perfect and it was not too crowdie.

And do you see this rollercoaster far away? I was pulled in it together with my dearest husband and his brother. What a ride!!! 

And these pigeons were really pink and blue!!! How they have done that I don’t know?

But, as you can see, it was a REALLY nice weekend and I hope you had the same too.

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