19 April 2011


Today I was in Breda by Kids Factory.
It’s a big shop with everything you can imagine you need for when you are expecting a baby, or you need some cool stuff for the baby or children room.
I was going there for a meeting with them, because they wanted to buy some of my product for selling in their shop.
It was a very nice meeting and they bought a little bit of almost everything I sell in my shop. They want to make a hole table or little area with only my products together.
I was very happy to hear that. What a great chance and opportunity to make my products more famous. And the shop is quite famous here in Holland. Some people come from far to shop there for their kids.
I was going to make some pictures myself in the shop to show you, but I forgot to put my card in the camera…. Then I took some with my mobile phone, but I can’t find the wire to combine it to the computer, so I have been looking on the internet for some pictures from the shop and what they sell to give you a little impression of what kind of shop it is.

In the shop they have their own cafe. The decoration is so great and original. Love the lampshade with all the pots and glasses and kitchen stuff hanging in it.


But what makes the shop so great is all the rooms they have been decorating like a real baby or children's room. All different. I don't know how many different rooms they have, but 20 would be close, I think.

I here show you some examples.
Little Diva.jpg


Pronkstuk Babyledikant


And this deer I saw in the shop. So great! But they had so many "I want this, and this and this...' things. That you would easily get poor if you weren’t looking at prices.

Hertenkop groot2.jpg
But in a couple of month my stuff will be there as well. And I am very proud to have come this far.

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  1. Goed gedaan Marianne! En het was gezellig dat je er even was in Breda. X Marjan


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