25 April 2011

Easter sun, having fun!

The Easter has never been so wonderful like this year. It’s almost unbelievable! They said in the news tonight that it hasn’t been this warm in the Netherlands since 1150. Can you imagine???
The beaches were overcrowded with white people trying the get the first tan and children springing in the cold sea as it was high summer and pleasant to swim in. But it was cold! But the sun was ohhh so nice and warm.
Easter Sunday morning started at our place with looking for the sweet Easter eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden in our garden, followed with a nice Easter breakfast.

The sun was warm before we finished breakfast and we quickly packed our bags, took the car and drove to a very cute, Dutch zoo, not very far from our place. We passed a lot of fields with tulips and the colors were just so amazing and bright like I have never seen before, because of the bright sun.

Today we finished the Easter with a visit to the beach, trying to get a tan like everybody else, but I need more than a couple of hours to see any different on my skin. But it was nice to feel what the summer is about and see the children play and have fun in the water on the beach.
How was your easter?

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