04 April 2011

Children's rooms "Stockholm"

A while ago I bought a couple of books from the Japanese 'Shufunotomosha'.
One of them was this one with children’s rooms from Stockholm, Jeu de Paume. A very nice book with a lot of inspiration. It's all written in Japanese but it’s no problem because there are so many nice pictures that you don’t feel cheated because you can’t understand what’s written.

I picked out a couple of my favorite pictures to share with you.

I love the chair above. I remember the cartoon so well from when I was a child. My children knows the cartoons as well, and that is so nice when something just always stay's popular.

And take a look at this one above. What a nice and cozy place to read a book or tell a story.

And the bed here is absolutely a dream for every little boy. I do wonder if they can sleep in it or do they just keep on playing all night?

Have a nice day!


  1. I love inspiration from books, i have a whole subject on my blog about it... Grtz Essie http://nightessie.blogspot.com/

  2. I agree this is a great book. I have several in the series but this is my favourite.

  3. I also have the Paris family style and it's also very great. Maybe I wil show some of it next week!

    I would like to have a big archive of special books, but they can be quite expensive. Books are just different than only inspiration from the internet, but in time maybe I will grow a little archive?


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