08 March 2011

New project: Room for the children

I have during the years been collecting a lot of inspiration for children’s room. I save special magazine’s and pages from all kinds of magazines with stuf for childrens room, and I put them all together in a big map, which by now are more than 3 maps. Unfortunately I do not do much with it!!
So I got this idea of sharing it with you.
We are lot of mums here on Blogspot and I can find so much inspiration for interior for my own house, But so far I haven’t seen much about the particularly space for children.  So this is my new goal. Every week I will try to share some of all my inspiration for the children’s room. (and I can tell you; it’s not all retro and flower power) There are a lot of great ideas, but for today, because I love retro and like to use that for my own girl’s, I will start with a little bit of that.
I must say; not all the pictures are from a great kwality because I scan the pictures in. But I think it's ok!

On the first pictures they have used old poezie pictures. Making a big print out of it and sticking it onto cardboard and onto the wall. I love this idea and have been using it for the room for my own girls. (I still need to make some great pictures of that.. hmm!!)

The second picture I wish I could make here at home, but I am afraid that my house is too little for that. My husband is a big hobby musician and my girls love to make a performance as well now and then so this would be ohh so great and fun to have. But hoe knows what the future brings??

This one is just a great idea to make yourself. You can make your own Barbapapa's in your own style and with the fabric that you have. And the same you can do with the famous reindeer on the wall.

Sorry but this is all for now. The sun is shining and I am going to pick my girl's up from school. Have a nice day!


  1. Fantastiske billeder! Gid jeg havde ubegrænset plads til at skabe så fede børneværelser! :) Men bassen må nøjes med de 10 kvm :) Glæder mig til at se flere billeder, og elsker din blog! :)



  2. Hai Marianne,

    Ik was even aan het rond speuren op google en kwam jou daar tegen. Wat ziet het er allemaal fantastisch uit! Je zou zo je eigen Dig& Mig magazine kunnen beginnen! En bedankt voor je leuke stukje over het schilderij. Liefs Kitty


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