15 March 2011

Kids place 'girls'

Today I give you the second collage of inspiration for ‘Kids place’. As I told you last week I have so much inspiration for decorating children’s room of for kids place around the house. And it is a shame not to do anything about it. So once a week I will try to collect some things to share with you all, hoping that you get inspired by it or can use some of the ideas.

I think that the pictures talk for themselves. But my favorite idea is the first picture with the board with holes in it. Normally you will use this board for tools to hang on, but with a king size embroidery on it; it’s now a special piece of art on the wall. Cheap to make and at the same time also a board where you easily can hang all kind of things on to it without making a lot of holes in your wall.

By the way! All these pictures are very girly, but if you use other colors, you can easily use the same ideas for the boy’s. And on the board with the holes, you can sew a car on to it or maybe a big hammer or another tool. That would make it tough and great for a boy.

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