11 March 2011

DIY calendar

I have this calendar hanging in my kitchen which I have made myself. A lot of my friends ask me how I made this one and they find it a great and a simple calendar to have in the kitchen. I can’t live without it anymore and I thought it might be something for you creative people out there.
So here I will share my calendar and tell you how you can make it.

The size of the board is 30cm x 30cm and it is just a simple piece of MDF. You can also use normal wood, but MDF is very plain when you have to glue the letters on to it.
The letters I made myself as well from hobby-plaster in a special letter mould, but you can also buy small plastic or wooden letters at the hobby stores around.
When you have the board and the letters. You need to paint the board for the first time. (It definitely needs to coats of paint) Use a little roller for a smooth look. For the first coat, it’s best to use a primer.

Then you measure where to put the letters on top of the board. Be sure you have equal space at both sizes, and that there is an equal space between the letters.
Glue the letters onto the board with contact glue. Let it dry.
Then you paint it all for the second time. The board and the letters. Use a little pencil for around the letters and a little roller for the big surface. That gives it a better and a smooth look. Let it dry.
Depending on your paint you can decide to give it a third layer of paint. When you use darker colors it would properly be needed.
The calendar you can find in Microsoft words. Or you can download it from Microsoft. I will here give you a link: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/CL101850726.aspx#pg:5|ai:TC101941696|
Print it on 200grams paper. Then it will hang better on the board without getting curly or something like that. Print one month on each page.

Mark for two holes in each side of the paper, and mark all pages exactly the same. Use a perforator for the holes.
To hang the calendar you need to mark the distance from the holes on the paper to the board. And there you can place a nail or a little hook, what you like! And the calendar is done.

But you can also use the same materials for a birth plate for your own children or as a present for a new born.
You write the name of the child, the date of birth and the place of birth. And as a finishing touch you can place a special figure in the middle.
The good thing about these plates is that you can give it the color you want. You can paint it the same color as your wall or give it a totally different color. Personally I prefer it to fall in with the wall.

Here you can see the effect if you paint it in a different color.


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