20 March 2011

Dig&Mig fabrics for sale

I have lately designed two girly flower fabrics for Dig&Mig, and I have decided to give you all a chance to buy it, if you really like it.
All the fabric that I design myself is made by Spoonflower in the USA. It is a kind of community where you upload your own designs and then you have the choice to print it on different kinds of materials. You can also decide only to print a little sample of it to see how the fabric and colors finally gets. I think it’s a great way for small businesses to create something special. Some people find it expensive, but I think it’s worth it, because I get something unique and special no one else can buy.
But these two fabrics are the first one’s which are patterns to print endlessness for as many meters as you like. I haven’t made anything of it YET, but it will surely come. You now get the chance too.
But take a look by Spoonflower. It’s a special place with very good service. You can always send them a mail with questions and they always answer you as good as they can.

Retro rose

Retro flower fabric by dig&mig on Spoonflower - custom fabric

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  1. Længe leve Spoonflower. De to stoffer er super flotte.

    Glædelig søndag.

    P.S.: Se evt. påskegavenpå min blog.


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