04 March 2011

Carnival girl's

I will today introduce you to my two carnival girls that I had today.
They have been so exited for this day at school. Two days ago we were looking at all their costumes they had and what they wanted to wear today. Emmelie, my youngest, wanted to be a flower like last year, and luckily she could still fit her dress I made last year.
Alieke was in doubt. She wanted to be a white ballerina, but we only had the white skirt and nothing else. I tried to persuade her to be something else, but I couldn’t. She wanted to be a white ballerina!!! Tears and anger and frustration were in her eyes and then… I had to help her. We went to my fabric drawers to look for a solution and suddenly her wet eyes started to shine instead. She knew right away, what I could make for her and it’s so funny to see how happy she gets with a simple dress that I made for her. The styling and the hair and make-up did the finishing touch.


When I look at these pictures it so easy to see how different they are, and it’s no secret that the youngest one is the wild one.


  1. Hei på deg, så fin blogg du har. Her vil jeg lese mere, kikk gjerne inn til meg på bloggbesøk også om du har lyst. Masse fin inspirasjon på din blogg. Ha en fin weekend videre. hilsner fra Wilhelmines blogg

  2. Hej Wilhelmine, Velkommen til! Dejligt at høre at du gerne vil læse mere her. Jeg skal nok lige kikke ind på din blog. God weekend!

  3. Hei Marianne
    Herlige karnevalsjenter! Skjønner at de var oppspilt på forhånd.
    Ha en glad fastlavn!
    Hilsen fra Kaspara - også en tvilling

  4. Hej Kaspara,
    Jeg hører jævnligt at mine piger ligner tvillinger, men det er de ikke. Den ene er 6 1/2 år og den anden bliver 5 til maj. :-) Og af sind skulle man slet ikke tro at de var søstre, så forskellige, men tak for komplimenten. Ha en god søndag.


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