31 March 2011

Blond and dumb?

For exactly one week ago I was on my way to a wholesale company to buy some accessories for Dig&Mig. It was very busy on the highway and I was driving very slowly. Suddenly my pedal for changing the acceleration was stuck and didn’t move. I was shocked and didn’t knew exactly what to do.
Two minutes later two men, with a truck to transport cars, stopped in front of me and offered me help. Was I happy?? They took me and the car with them on the truck and drove us to a garage they knew.
It’s so nice that you still can meet people who are so helpful and kind. You don’t hear that so often any longer. People are afraid of stopping. My husband was sure that they wouldn’t have stopped if he was in the same situation. He thinks’ that they only stopped because I was a female.. and blond.
Our car dealer as well wasn’t very helpful when my husband called him. Two minutes later when I called, he was all polite and very helpful. So what is it?? Female touch or does men have a weakness for women in need?? Sometimes I get the feeling that they think I am not very smart because I don’t know ANYTHING about CARS, but I don’t care. I know, what I know, you know! And I am proud to be who I am and what I know and have. We women are just smart and lucky enough to use our looks and female touch to get to where we want to.
And to finish this little story, I want to share the next little film with you. It just makes me laugh and a little proud to be blond as well. I hope you like it too. You might know it but I can watch it several times and still love it.
Have a nice day and take care all of you.


  1. Jamen, det er da ok at være blond, synes jeg!
    Tak for gensynet med Dean Matin og Goldie Hawn :D

  2. Wauw, het valt me nu pas op hoeveel Kate Hudson op haar mama Goldie lijkt!!! Superschattig!


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