10 February 2011

For Boy's only

I am still working a lot with my camera, and today I was at a friend’s house taking pictures for Dig&Mig.
She has a little boy and I could use his room for all my boy-products. It doesn’t really work that well to photograph them with all the girly colors here at home, so it was perfect that I could borrow his room. The colors and the decoration he has fits so perfectly to my style, and here are some of the pictures I took.


  1. Hvor er det fint... :)) Elsker dine billeder.. :)

  2. Geweldig mooi!
    Die olifant…
    als ik die nog eens ergens tegenkom
    is ie van mij!

  3. Sikken en dejlig blog du har, fandt dig hos Wunderbar. Kommer helt sikkert forbi igen.
    God weekend Stine:)

  4. Ja, sikke nogle skønne billeder og fin fin blog!
    Melder mig også straks som fast læser her og glæder mig til mere :-)

    Kram og god weekend fra Danmark



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