02 February 2011

Cute round purses

Today was finally a productive day. I have for a long time wanted to finish these round purses. Luckily when I get started it just rolls, so I can go on to the next project. I have so many things waiting to be made.  I often have the problem that I tell myself that I will do that tomorrow, but tomorrow I have different plans and the circle begins.  Too many ideas in my head and too little time or the time fly to fast for me, I don’t know?


  1. Ze zijn zo leuk! Als ik ooit een winkeltje zou beginnen zou ik deze in mijn assortiment willen :)!

  2. Nøj hvor er de skønne!
    Jeg er fuldstændig tilbage i mit barndoms univers.

  3. Ja, de er altså superfine. Sidder du selv og designer og syr dem??

  4. Jeps! Jeg laver alting selv. Også stoffet her til pungene har jeg selv designet ved hjælp af gamle glansbilleder.


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