03 January 2011


Welcome to the Dig&Mig blog,
This is going to be my very first blog message. I never thought that I should have my own blog. Writing is actually not really my thing. But with blogging you don't have to write a novel to get someone's attention. Pictures, different information and thoughts can also be a good way of blogging is my experience. Anyway I will give it a try and hope there will be some people who would like to follow my blog.

The name of my blog is Dig&Mig, the name of my Webshop. But I don't want it to be a mirror of my shop. It would be more like a 'look behind the scène' kind of thing. I imagine that I will show you pictures of fabrics, materials, and what inspire me to make new products, but also what I am doing next to my shop. My other interest, my home, my family, my life! (Well some of it anyway)

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