20 January 2011

Taking pictures!

Yesterday I got my new camera (the old one from my father in-law but still really great!!)
It is a Nikon D70s. Quite professional for me. It has many different bottoms and installations which I don't understand much of.

So now I have to learn all about the camera and taking great pictures. I am really looking forward to experience and learn more about photography. Next week I will be joining a day-course with a professional photographer. I hope I can understand all the terms and things he will explain.

Anyway! I (of course) had to try my new camera. A lot of my first photos were poor, but a few of them were really good (if I may say so myself). Take a look!

This is the duck from Emmelie. It says kwak,kwak when you push the bag of it. She still sleeps every night with it.


  1. Tillykke med det nye kamera!
    Da jeg i efteråret fik mit nye Canon åbnede det også en helt ny verden for mig. Pludselig kunne man fx. fange små detaljer, og generelt blev billederne bare en million gange bedre.
    Glæder mig til at se flere gode billeder fra dig :o)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Ik ben wel een beetje jaloers hoor op die mooie camera :)!

  3. Hoi Nikki,
    Het leuke is dat ik hem voor bijna niets heb gekocht. Moest wel een flitser los erbij kopen wat net zo duur als de camera bleek te zijn. Maar waar praten we over voor deze kwaliteit??

  4. Hej Marianne!
    Jeg har valgt dig til en blogleg, jeg håber, du vil lege med. Man skulle udvælge bloggere, man først havde opdaget for nylig, og da jeg netop fandt dig idag, var det jo nærliggende :o)
    Hilsen Ida


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