28 January 2011


Today was a day of from school for the girls, and we were having a cozy day at home this morning, when a package was delivered with these beautiful fabrics in it.

I order them a few days ago. The girls didn’t know anything about it and got pretty excited, when I told them that I was planning to make them some cute summer dresses of some of it.

They are all second hand fabrics, but in very good condition. If you are also looking for some nice secondhand fabrics take a look at www.stoffenensloffen.nl. I am very pleased with them and I know exactly what to do with them.

This afternoon we were out shopping the girls and I, and I found this very cute purse in OUR supermarket. Can you believe that? Together with the little notice book. The quality of the purse is not the best, but the design. I love it. I just had to buy it.

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  1. Dankjewel voor je compliment op mijn blog ;-)
    Ik ken de site ook en wordt altijd heel hebberig ervan, je hebt een paar mooie stofjes gescoord :-)

    Je hele site is zowiezo erg leuk, maar dat kan ook niet anders want I loooove Retro ;-)



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