14 January 2011

Pöezie pictures

This week has been a strange week. First my youngest daughter got sick and a few days later the other one. All week at home nursing my two girls. I have so many ideas in my head at the moment that I want to do/make but can’t. But this is a situation that I am happy to be in as well.

When I am working at home and my kids need me, I can always put my work aside and be there for them. I remember when I was working outside the house. It was all worries when one got sick. Not only worries about the kid but how to solve it with work and colleges. I always felt guilty no matter what I did. But luckily I now can decide what to do without feeling guilty.

And when my girls were taking a nap this week, I quickly jump behind the computer shopping a little bit for myself. Yesterday this then arrived. Cute pöezie pictures for Dig&Mig. I love the pictures from my own childhood and love using them and giving them a new life for all the small children everywhere. Take a look at the stamps as well! A bright moment in a grey week with sickness inside and rain outside.

N.B. The girls finally seem to feel a bit better today. Smiling and eating a liitle bit again. Maybe it is going to be a very nice weekend for the hole family after all.

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