22 January 2011


Last night I was in Amsterdam for a dinner show in Palazzo. It’s a big circus tent which is decorated in an victorian style. Very cozy and beautiful! You have dinner together with the show and the artists are coming around the tables while they are doing their acts. I didn’t have any expectation of the show, but I can tell you I was blown away.
What a place! What a show! What delicious food! And really absurd great artists.

Normally I would use this blog for my own creative projects. But I have to share a little bit of this with you. This is creativity of a totally different kind, but so beautiful and exceptional.

Palazzo is traveling around the world and if you have the chance to visit it somewhere. DO IT! It’s not cheap but worth every penny I can assure you.
I hereby give you a link to an introduction of the show on Youtube:

In the show they had a clown named Peter Shub. Do you know him? I didn't, but he seems to be quite famous among clowns and circus. I was a little bit blown away from him. He was so good, so simple and so cute in a way that you wanted to give him a big hug. I found a piece of hem as well on YouTube, which I also want to share with you. It’s quite a long film, but I fell in love with him and the movie. Beautiful!!

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