20 January 2011


About half a year ago, I was asked (from a friend) if I would like to try a workshop ‘painting’ she was giving. It would only be one evening and it would be a kind of test for her to see how she in the future could give her own workshops. Of course I would join her. She makes such great paintings. I am really a fan of her. We even have a big painting from her ourselves which she made personally for us.
The course she was giving was about painting of course. But also about mixing different things in the painting. Making a kind of collage within the painting. I am not so good in painting, but collage I love to do!! It’s like making a puzzle. You have to find elements that fit together and puzzle it around for the right composition. I enjoyed the evening and made a nice painting for the kitchen. I liked it so much, that I got all kind of ideas of what I could use instead for my own paintings.

Now after half a year (since the course). I finally pulled myself together and got started with collecting items for my paintings. First I went to a second hand shop, where I found these old embroideries. I washed them right away, because they were all yellow and smelly!! Then I cut them out, and together with old wallpaper and some text form books over birds I made these two small paintings.

I like mixing sweet with roughness and I like white a lot. Spring is on its way and that inspired me for some soft yellow together with the white. Here you can see my results.  What do you think? I am really impressed about what you can do with these techniques. When you are not satisfied with something you stick something over it or you paint it over and make something else out of it. You should try it!

At last I want to show you the painting she (Kitty Meijering) made for us. We gave her all kind of different elements from us. Fabrics from me and some old wallpaper, music notes and bass strings from Michiel (my husband), profile pictures from the girls and lyrics from a children song we sang every night for the girls when they were going to bed. This is what she came with. I just love it and it. It looks a lot like the houses in Amsterdam where we lived for 12 years and where the girls were born.

Do you want to see more work from Kitty Meijering? Take a look at her site: http://www.kittymeijering.nl/

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  1. wow, I love the embrodery in your paintings!! Very much inspiring : )


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