11 January 2011

My 'sweater' plaid

Do you recognize a closet with a lot of clothes that you almost never wear? I am crazy with anything that is knitted. I have a lot of knitted clothes, but never wear it because it is to hot or when I put it on I don’t think that it suits me or it is itching or …..I don’t know why? Anyway!..
The other day I was busy sorting my closet and for the third time I wanted to get rid of these sweaters, but I just can’t throw them out. Do you recognize that? And every time you put them all the way back in the closet hoping that you will wear it someday and be happy that you have saved it.
But this time it was different. I suddenly got this brilliant idea of recycling my sweaters instead of collecting them in my closet. I have for a long time been looking for a plaid/blanket for the sofa in my living room, but couldn’t find a nice one which was within a reasonable price.
My sweaters should become my new plaid for the sofa. And it wouldn’t cost me anything and then I can look at all my lovely knitting every day without putting them back in my closet. They even all had the right colors. Now it was only the question if I had enough for a plaid?
Take a look of what I did!

Here they are all cut into pieces of 30 x 30 cm and then it was like making a puzzel. Where to put what color?

And this is the result! Spread over our bed to show you how it looks like. The final measure is 120x180cm.

And here it is ... places on my sofa. The colors match perfectly to the sofa and the rest of the colors in my living room. Also the materials and the final look is perfect. Rough, with a lot of different textures.

If you want to try this youselves with knitting. Remeber to use a lockmaschine, otherwise the seams would be waving up and down.

These are the clothes that I first cut into pieces of 30 x 30cm. (The green dress I only used the top of it for my plaid. The rest I used for a new skirt. I couldn’t cut it all into pieces. I have always been crazy about this dress, but the top didn’t suit me. So now have a great skirt instead, which I can use much more. I don't have any pictures of the skirt)


  1. Hee Marianne,

    Wat leuk om jou hier in 'blogland' tegen te komen! Ik ga je blog volgen, er staan nu al zulke mooie dingen op! Die zolder is echt geweldig!



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