03 January 2011

The attic

My first pictures I want to share are from my girl’s room at the attic.
I am working on making nice interior pictures, but I am not sure
that I have the right camera for it, or that I know my camera well
enough to make great pictures. I am considering a course to learn
some more about taking pictures. But here is my result for this
time. Then you also get a chance to see how my girl’s room look like.
Very much Dig&Mig style. I really love their room. It’s so full of
colours and patterns what makes me so happy when I am up there.

This beautiful yellow horse was mine when my bottom
was small enough to fit in the sadel.

The bedding is my own design and so is the music
box as well hanging on the frame of the bed.


  1. Det ser rigtigt rigtigt fint ud... skal lige have noget opklaret.. er du dansker i holland el? Det er vel fint at jeg skriver dansk her? :)
    Jeg har et indlæg inde hos mig under DIY hvor jeg introducerer til picasa og billedredigeringen der, det er SÅ nemt og du kan virkeligt gøre meget med billederne af den vej.. :)

  2. Love your blog, so lovely pictures:-)

    Kh Lone from Copenhagen

    PS. Please feel free to join my give-away

  3. Det er dejligt at se at nogen kan li' min blog selv inden at jeg er kommet godt igang. I kan skrive både på dansk, engelsk, eller hollandsk hvis I kan det. Jeg er dansker men bor i Holland så det kan måske være lidt forvirrende med alle de forskellilge sprog, men mon ikke at vi finder ud af det.

    Nice to see that somebody love my blog before I really have started. You are all welkome to write in danish, english or dutch. It doesn't matter to me. I am from Denmark but live in Holland. It can sometimes probely be confusing in wat language you schould write, but I think we will work it out.


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