17 January 2011


I just made these two key-coats. Maybe an idea for my shop?? I don’t know yet if it would be something for the mothers?
I have made two different key-coats, because I am not sure which one would be more practical.
The first one is with a short line with wooden pearls on it. Easy and small to have in your purse or your little handbag.
The second one is with a long string with a clip at the end. With the clip you can fastened your key-coat to the inside or the outside of your bag, so you are sure it will stay where you put it.
(Personally I have quite a large bag myself which annoys me a lot when a have to find the small things in my bag. I have considered using a smaller one, but then I always have to carry a lot from my children when they decide not to wear a scarf or something else when we are shopping or just out somewhere.)
With the second one I can hang it inside at the top of the bag and always know where they are. But I can imagine that for people with a small purse that it would be annoying to have a long string hanging around when it is not necessary. Maybe I should make both of them?? What do you think?


  1. oh!! the first comment!! hello, lovely blog, lovely athmosphèere!! bad english for me!!
    bonne soirée

  2. I love them both, what a good idea and how nice they look. I should make both sizes because everybody had a different favorite bag.
    x Marjan


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