09 January 2011


My girls love birthday party’s and they got this brilliant idea this
weekend to celebrate the birthday of their Little Pony doll, also
called 'Sterrewens'. They decided that it was Sterrewens birthday
and they would give her a party. Yesterday they made little flags
and I made some banana-choko muffins that they decorated today.

We sang her a birthday song or two and then it was time to taste the
beautiful muffins they had made. Delicious!!!

Emmelie my youngest only ate the glazing and decorations.
She was also sick today. At the end of the day she had 39,4
degrees. and was very poor. Tomorrow she stays at home for sure.
I hope she will be better then.


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  1. Hei Marianne
    Gratulerer med ny blogg og velkommen til Blogglandia, et artig sted på jord!
    Så morsomt å lage bursdagsselskap for dukkene! Lekre, lekre cupcakes!
    Synes også det var så artig å se på bildene i forrige innlegg med de ulike tapetene på en og samme vegg. Det gir et veldig frodig og gøyalt inntrykk!
    Ha en glad dag!
    Klem fra Kaspara


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