27 June 2014

Lots of storage!

For those who doesn't follow me on my new blog: 

With the arrival of 2000 pieces of new products, I suddenly had to figure out a very good idea where I would stall them. Did I want to rent storage somewhere or having all boxes standing here at home? 

Noooo! As stated earlier, I love to have everything here at home. Everything within reach, where I can quickly take action if there is an order. But 2000 pieces are lots of cuddles and music boxes. Where do I put them?

Now I luckily love a challenge when it comes to layout and design, and so I went looking for a solution that would not be too hard and not too expensive, and one that could be carried out here at home. And I did it! On the internet I found 24 pieces of drawers for my Ikea closet, perfect for my products! And at the hardware store, they had a nice simple shelf where I can store all my little supplies and materials in neat white new boxes. 

With a lot of measuring and moving around and giving up a little bit of my bureau, I now have a very ordered room with storage for (almost everything). Now we see how long I can keep it so neatly. Do you also like a tidy work environment or should it be messier to feel good?

03 June 2014

Finally our new website

Dear everybody, I must admit that my work on this blog is minimal at the moment. My latest blog was more than a month ago about the coming new website and nothing has happened here since. 

But…… finally I can announce that we are ready to present the new site to all of you out there. The Dig&Mig site is ready for 'take off' !!!

And together with the 'take off' we would like to give you all the chance to order something from the shop (your choice) with a 20% discount. All you have to do (when you come to the shopping basket) is to fill in the discount code: new2014 and complete the order and we will send it as soon as possible to you.

But before you take a look in our new shop, you can have a peak here. The products are still the same, but presented in another way. The information is more complete and all over you can easily share on Facebook or pin a picture to Pinterest if you like.

An important new thing in the shop is a new blog which might be interesting for you. It’s a blog with more related things to the shop. I there post things about my inspiration for designing, show you pictures from shops which sells our products, but I will also give you tips to decorate a baby/kid room with perhaps a toy from Dig&Mig and how to wrap a gift in a nice way. It still has to grow my blog there, but the start is there, and I have a feeling that it will in the future take over this blog. But for now I will still be here now and then. 

But come and take a look in our new shop. If you click HERE you will go there directly.

NB. I would love to hear what you think of our new shop.

15 April 2014

New website Dig&Mig almost ready!!!

I just can’t wait to show you our new website. We have been working very hard and long on it and I am so, so happy with the result. We only need to make some finishing touches and then we will come with a total new, fresh and professional restyled website.

The old one is still in the air and if you want you can still order there without problems.
Curios about our new site?? Watch out for news here on my blog. In one or two weeks and I will show you the whole site.

31 March 2014

Small changes - new colors

Since my company has change direction and putting the focus more on selling products to the shops, my work has also increased to a much higher level than before. I do not have much time over for decorating and experiment with different things here at home as I use to.
But now and then I try to find the time, and a few weeks ago I decided to change the color of the legs of our coffee table. It was dark brown and I wanted a more happy color as a contrast to the basic colors I have in my living room.

I am quite happy with the result and luckily the rest of the family loves it too. What do you think?

21 March 2014

DIY Memory part 2

Here comes the description voor the DIY Memory game that you can easily make yourself. All you need is:

Wooden blocks ( very easy to find by the second hand shops) Important is to look for the same shape, otherwise the game will be too easy.

Paper in different colors (paper with a lot of different patterns and pictures will make it more fun and colorful) Think about using old magazines and leftovers from wall paper. Try to use what you already have at home.

A scissor or a hobby knife

Glue (for paper)

A little punch. You can use any form you like. You can also easily cut a form yourself

Start with cutting pairs of almost identical patterns in the shape of your block. I did not have total identical pictures but it’s still easy to see which ones belong together. It makes the challenge a little bigger to find the right ones. (You can choose to make a stencil to get the same form every time)


Then glue the paper onto the blocks.

Choose a form for the front of the blocks. Easy is to use a little punch. I here used a star cut out of some old wall paper left overs.

Glue them to the other side of the blocks and you are actualy allready doen!


Have fun a be creative with what you use. Make it special!